„Acts 29”: Paul’s 5th missionary trip

Luke finishes the book of Acts in Rome, with Paul under house arrest. Yet Paul’s life doesn’t finish there. We get some good clues and information from the epistles written after Acts 28 and some hints from the Church Tradition. There will be plenty of arguments that aren’t explained here since this is only the narrative, but if you look at the references, you will find clues there. After this post, we will look into the audience and authorship of the epistle to the Hebrews because I think it ties really well with the 5th missionary trip. Put in a narrative way, here is how Paul’s 5th missionary trip looks as we put together the information we have in 1 Timothy, Titus and 2 Timothy.

Paul was released from the house arrest in Rome (Acts 28) somewhere around 61-62 AD. I don’t think he made it to Spain as we don’t have proof of that from the epistles (yes, I am aware of some Church Fathers hinting at that). We only have his desire stated in Romans 15. Also, Spain would be a major endevour that would take a lot of time and that wouldn’t leave enough time for the places we do know Paul visited.

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